Human Centric Lighting

The biological rhythms of the human race have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, to the circadian clock. This is based upon a 24-hour astronomical cycle of night and day. There have been many studies that suggest not only the amount of light, but also the spectral distribution influence human health and ability to carry out daily tasks. Much of this study has centred on the body’s production of melatonin, which is linked to sleep patterns. The theory being that blue light (480nm), inhibits the production of this hormone and therefore keeps the body active. By varying the spectral distribution of artificial light, the natural human circadian rhythm can be closely mimicked. Studies have shown that this can promote health and wellbeing, affecting sleep/wake cycles, eating, digestion, body temperature and other biological systems. In extreme cases, disruption of the circadian rhythm can have a negative influence on health.

LED-based human-centric lighting is controllable and tunable across a spectrum of correlated color temperatures (CCTs) to evoke particular human biological responses and behavior in well-designed indoor environments.

Human-Centric Lighting for offices

Offices are one of the most effective applications for Human Centric Lighting. HCL improves levels of focus, creativity and the capacity to perform. By varying the spectral distribution of artificial light, the natural human circadian rhythm can be closely mimicked and stimulted. Studies have shown that this can promote effective working, health and wellbeing. Correct specification of himan-centric LED lighting within the office environment facilitates improved productivity as well as being energy efficient with long service life and wide maintenance intervals.

Human-Centric Lighting for retail

HCL is an effective instrument of sales promotion. Effective deployment of HCL can produce an emotional experience with different orientations that can arouse positive feelings and improved consumer spending. Correctly used HCL attracts the consumers attention via the visual effectiveness of the lighting system. A comprehensive understanding of HCL and its potential is therefore essential for planning retail lighting systems. UR-EKA Lighting and Controls provides cost effective tailored HCL solutions to retail businesses throughout the UK.

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